In the 1970’s, the King Group of Companies entered the business community with the opening of the auto parts store “Nito’s Auto Supply”. In a short span of time, it became a byword in the local auto parts supply industry. This initial foray becomes became a very successful surplus equipment enterprise, subsequently leading to the company’s diversification into other businesses and subsidiaries including the food industry. After years of innovating, applying creativity, appropriating technology plus the able management and supervision of Mr. Juanito King and Sons, market dominance of the King Group of Companies became evident.

These companies engage in automotive and surplus equipment industry; restaurants and food chains; processed food products; financing and development; housing and real estate.

The discipline and mentorship from their patriarch made Mr. Ricarido Delfin A. King, the third born child, into a business tycoon. He first developed a fledging surplus import business into a flourishing conglomerate company of large trucks and heavy equipment. He has founded his core in the transport business. Not resting on those laurels, he moved into other industries such as mining, real estate and several business partnerships in various hospitality and shipping endeavors. He continues to diversify by exploring and investing in different industries.


Top of Mind in every business we are in.


In our journey, we have built something of value. Through the years, we have become the top of mind. To our partners and stakeholders, we are grateful. We'll continue on with pride and keep our word.

Through our hard work and resilience, we will reach our aspirations. With integrity in our hearts, we will rise to each occasion. With the quality our service shows, our blessings overflow and we share it every step of the way.
It's the RDAK way.

Fueled with passion, we commit to our promise to keep on serving for the common good. Strive to live in harmony with God's will, and contribute to our community.


Service, Integrity, Resilience